Alsace, France

Altitude | 200 – 600  metres

Soil | Granite, gneiss, limestone, schist and sandstone

Approach | Natural, low intervention, low sulphites, organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Vanessa Letort started her journey in the wine world in 2014. While living in Tours and working on regional projects, she decided to make winemaking her career. This decision led to many important encounters and the creation of Du Vin aux Liens.

Her love for wine began with tasting workshops at Cav’par 3 in Tours. The joy she found in these tastings inspired her to take a one-year marketing course at the Lycée Viticole in Amboise.

Philippe Chigard, a winemaker and high school teacher, was a major influence. He introduced Vanessa to many Loire winemakers and sparked her entrepreneurial spirit.

In June 2015, Vanessa met Christian Binner and worked on his estate in Ammerschwihr. Along with Pierre Sanchez and Xavier Couturier from Duo Œnologie, they developed Les Vins Pirouettes. This three-year journey gave her valuable hands-on experience in natural winemaking.

After her time with Pirouettes, Vanessa created Du Vin aux Liens, a natural wine business featuring wines from Alsace and the Loire. This venture partners with passionate winemakers to offer a diverse range of wines. It’s a place where winemakers can craft freely, providing unique wines for enthusiasts and professionals. Vanessa also shares her own wines and ciders through this platform.

Coming from a family of Breton peasants, Vanessa has been making ciders since 2019, using apples from her family orchard with the support of her partner, Farid from Sons of Wine.