Koniakos, Greece

Altitude | 800 metres

Soil Calcareous, rocky

Approach | Natural, unfiltered, no added sulphites, Organic 

In the picturesque village of Koniakos, nestled amidst the lofty peaks of the high mountains, not far from the ancient site of Delphi in Central Greece, wine maker Giorgos Balatsouras presides over a certified production at a unique boutique winery. Here, amidst the rugged terrain and breathtaking vistas, Giorgos cultivates a rich tapestry of indigenous grape varieties, including Roditis, Malagousia, and a rare old blue grape indigenous to the area, sourced from bush vines that have stood the test of time for over 150 years. These precious vineyards, lovingly tended by Giorgos’s family for generations, sprawl across the verdant landscape, some reaching altitudes of 800 meters, where the views from the vines are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

In homage to the ancient winemaking traditions of the region, Giorgos has embraced a time-honored practice for vinification. He allows the wines to macerate and wild-ferment in open, horizontal wood baskets, adorned with fragrant fir branches that impart a subtle touch of resin to the wine, acting as a natural preservative akin to sulphites. True to his commitment to authenticity, Giorgos refrains from any form of manipulation in the winemaking process, allowing the wines to express their truest, most natural character. Each bottle is a testament to the unique terroir of the region and the steadfast dedication of Giorgos to crafting wines that are as pure and unadulterated as the land from which they originate.