Lisboa, Portugal

Altitude | 50 metres

Soil | limestone soil

Approach | Natural, unfiltered, no added sulphites, biological

For Luis Gil, wine has been a lifelong passion, cultivated in the depths of his childhood home’s wine cellar, brimming with iconic Dão and Bairrada wines. It was here that Luis honed his palate, developing a deep appreciation for the nuances of wine. As he matured, his curiosity led him to wine fairs, where he immersed himself in exploring diverse styles and producers, forging friendships with winemakers along the way. Yet, despite his extensive tasting experiences, Luis found himself yearning for a wine that truly captivated him.

In 2015, fueled by his quest for exceptional wine, Luis made a pivotal decision: “This year, I am going to make wine.” Joining forces with the Encosta da Quinta team under the guidance of Rodrigo Filipe (Humus), Luis embarked on a journey alongside a group of surfers and beach enthusiasts, venturing to cultivate wine on Portugal’s rugged west coast.

In 2017, Luis embarked on his own winemaking venture, seeking out plots with ancient vines in Óbidos, his hometown. Renting his first vineyard, boasting vines aged 60 years, Marinho was born—a wine crafted to embody the characteristics and profiles that Luis holds dear. Today, Luis boasts a remarkable collection of vineyards, graced by local grape varieties and ranging in age from 40 to 110 years old. Committed to organic practices, Luis aims to produce wines that are simple, fresh, saline, and bursting with character, embracing minimal intervention in the cellar and eschewing the use of sulfites.

Come harvest time, Luis meticulously selects each grape, ensuring only the ripest clusters make the cut. In the cellar, he delicately bruises the grapes and allows the juice to ferment alongside the skins and stalks, a process employed for both white and red varieties. From arinto and vital to fernão pires, alicante branco, and castelão, Luis’ Marinho wines exude personality, serving as a true testament to the unique Atlantic climate that defines this corner of Portugal.