Alsace, France

Altitude | 200 – 600  metres

Soil | Granite, gneiss, limestone, schist and sandstone

Approach | Natural, low intervention, low sulphites, organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Farid Yahimi’s Natural Wines

Right from the start of his adventure, Farid decided to make natural wines to be closer to what nature has to offer and to avoid adding chemical elements to his wines. Since then, his range has expanded, with Farid offering wines that are each more breathtaking than the last. Primarily based in Alsace, Farid also works some fine plots in the Côtes de Toul region of Lorraine. Thanks to his many experiments and his commitment to natural wine, Farid has become a recognized and respected figure in the wine world.

“I had a dream in my head: to make natural wine. It was at the instigation of my friend Christian Binner and with his confidence that, after a few successful trials in my garage, I set about making wine on his premises this year. The grapes I buy are 100% organic/biodynamic, mainly from Alsace, but also from Toul and soon, I hope, from all over France as I meet new people. All my wines are zero sulfur, and I aim for honest drinking. In short, I’m Alsace’s first natural wine merchant in France, which gives me the freedom to do whatever Pachamama gives me, without constraint or judgment.”