Arenys de Munt, Spain

Altitude | 120 metres

Soil | ———

Approach | Natural, low intervention, low sulphite, Organic.

The ecological agriculture we practice in our vineyards, also known as organic or biological, is based on the use of techniques that seek the individual balance of each plant and the entire vineyard. We do not use synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, or antibiotics. For treatments, we use plant extracts, biological pest control, and techniques that enhance plant resistance to pests and diseases. This entire process is carried out manually, allowing for optimized care of each vine and precise harvesting. Ecological viticulture stands against globalization and the standardization of wines, proposing a return to the past when viticulture was practiced by our ancestors in the Maresme region. Experience shows that starting to work a vineyard with non-aggressive methods or converting from conventional to ecological agriculture provides the vineyard with natural resistances and a rebalancing in terms of production quality over quantity, also endowing it with the singularity of its own native yeasts. In addition to greater biodiversity and health for all, now and in future generations, we ensure grapes of maximum quality and singularity for our wines.

Our philosophy is to support food sovereignty and contribute to sustainable development in all stages of the production process of our ecological and natural wines. Through a small-scale production of quality and proximity, we aim to reach you by delighting all your senses and caring for both the natural environment and your health.