Catalonia, Spain

Altitude | 300 metres

Soil Montsant: limestone soil. Priorat: slate soil. Penedès: clay-limestone soil.

Approach | Natural, unfiltered, no added sulphites, Biodynamic 

Toni Cuspinera, a lawyer by profession, fell in love with the idea of ​​making wine after watching a movie. When he shared his project with his brother, he was introduced to someone selling estates. Synchronicities. Now he oversees an entire farmhouse, Masía Tonicoll, cultivating vineyards, olive groves, almond trees, and raising horses and chickens. He has become a champion of natural wine. Highly spiritual, he crafts wines intuitively, acting as a conductor with unseen energies and communicating with animals.

The winery  located in Solsonès, in no man’s land. TERRA DE NINGÚ WINES emerges from the desire to break free from constraints, to create the best possible wines within reach, without conforming to established norms, outside of the designated origins, for the love of art, craftsmanship, and natural goodness.

The vineyards began with land in PRIORAT and gradually acquired grapes from MONTSANT, TERRA ALTA, and PENEDÉS.

Toni Works in an ecological and biodynamic manner without certification. He does not wish to certify, deeply believing that doing things right should not entail more work, higher costs, or greater obligations, but rather the opposite. Those who do it wrong are the ones who should be penalized.

He crafts his wines using hand-harvested grapes and employs homeopathic methods, refraining from any additives or alterations—no stabilizing, clarifying, filtering, or sulfites added. Fermentations occur spontaneously with native yeasts, carefully controlled for temperature. To maintain purity, he meticulously removes the lees by hand, relying on time and gravity to naturally clarify the wines. Transporting the grapes in refrigerated trucks ensures their freshness upon arrival at the winery.